How to Get Rid of Infestations of Odorous House Ants in Your Ogden, UT House & Yard

Homes and businesses are commonly being invaded by pests; and ants top the list. They are generally found raiding kitchens where they enjoy pilfering spilled crumbs. When seeing the line of marching ants, people grab the most convenient chemical and drown them in the spray; thinking the problem is resolved as the corpses are dealt Read More

Tips to Control Insects & Pests that Come Out in Spring in Richmond, UT; Flies, Wasps & More

As the weather warms up, people are starting to spend more and more time outside. It’s almost as if you can see the world coming to life again. Part of the spring process is the stirring of pests big and small. To keep common pests out of your home, Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care Read More