Why Professional Pest Control is Needed & Worth It in Logan, UT! Health Risks & More

Pests such as bugs, arachnids and rodents commonly invade homes. With effective pest prevention, you can avoid the trouble repairing excessive damage they do. Additionally, preventing pests can spare you the grief of getting bitten and having allergies and asthma attacks triggered as well as the diseases, bacteria, and other unsanitary conditions they spread. Where Read More

Pigeon Poop Problems in Provo, UT; Diseases & Damage Caused By Nuisance Bird Droppings

Pigeons that we see in our urban areas of Greater Salt Lake City, Utah are descendants of the Rock Dove, a species of pigeon domesticated by humans for food and as pets. The rock doves that were released or escaped became today’s city pigeons. Now you probably can’t imagine a pigeon sitting in a nest Read More