Prevention & Control of Common Ant Pest Species in Hyde Park UT; Carpenter, Pavement, Argentine, Pharoah & Little Black Ants

Ants are no stranger to being pegged as home invaders, especially if they discover a convenient food source. With the thousands of species of ants found throughout the world, ants can be discovered foraging nearly anywhere. Some ant species are more common and plentiful in different areas and Utah is no different. Specialized Pest Control Read More

Beware of Dangerous Mosquitoes this Spring in Your Logan UT Backyard; Mosquito Pest Prevention & Control

Spring time is here and warmer weather welcomes in a slew of new activities that the winter would not permit. Backyard barbecues, baseball games, visits to the park and roasting marshmallows around the fire pit are all great ways to welcome in the spring. One of the most annoying insects that humans come into contact Read More