Outdoor Christmas Lights Decorating Ideas & Yard Lighting Displays in Garden City, UT

Christmas is getting closer and everyone is starting to make plans for their homes this holiday season. One of the best ways to bring the holiday spirit to your home and make your property inviting for your holiday guests is outdoor Christmas lighting. At Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care, we would like to share some of our favorite outdoor Christmas light ideas to help you bring the Christmas spirit to your home.

Large Outdoor Hanging Christmas Light Balls

One way to add some whimsical Christmas lights to your outdoor lighting plan is with Christmas light balls. You simply wrap several strands of lights around a ball made of chicken wire. This is a simple decoration that makes a big statement.

Christmas Tree of Lights

If you don’t have a Christmas tree in your front yard and want one, you can make one using lights. The items you will need to make this tree is a pole, tree topper, C7 light strings, gutter hooks and light stakes. This is a great addition to any outdoor lighting scene whether you use twinkling lights or regular bulbs.

Outline Walkways & Pathways with Lights

Make the way to your front door clear with the help of some lights. One of the best types to do this with is rope lighting. When your pathways and walkways are lit, it doesn’t just look beautiful, it is also helpful to keep everyone safe.

Hanging Garland Decorations on Fence

If you have a fence outlining your property line, you can dress it up with some pre-lit garland. You will need long pieces of garland to make this work. Make the fence especially charming by scalloping the garland and adding large red bows at all the peaks.

Giant Twinkle Net Lights for Bushes

Make your bushes look perfectly symmetrical with net lights. This is the perfect solution to make your bushes lit evenly. If you are a perfectionist, there is no better way to light your bushes.

Grand Cascade Falling Icicle & Cascading Rain Lights

Blow everyone’s mind as they drive by your house and see grand cascade lights hanging from your trees. These tubular lights mimic icicles and are absolutely beautiful no matter where you decide to hang them.

Consider Lights on Programmable Timers

If you are looking for a low maintenance approach to outdoor Christmas lights, you may want to consider putting them on a timer. That way, you don’t have to think twice about turning them on and off each day. They will leave your home filled with Christmas spirit and you won’t have to do a thing.

Holiday Decorating Christmas Light Installation Service

If you need help with your outdoor Christmas lights this year, you can count on the experts at Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care to provide you with superior holiday lighting services. We have been through intense training at Lubbock, Texas where we have trained on the latest technology in Christmas lighting, new ideas and proper installation. Let us do all the work so you can truly enjoy your outdoor lighting this Christmas season. Call us today!