Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug Experts in the Hospitality Industry

A bed bug infestation is a serious problem that requires assistance by a trained and expert pest professional.  This is why we offer effective and discrete bed bug infestation remedies for hotels, motels and hospitality properties.

Bed bugs quickly reproduce, and survive by feeding on the blood of their hosts.  Often, people don’t know they have a bed bug problem because they don’t recognize bed bug bites until the population level increases to a high level.  Bed bugs typically feed on their hosts while they are asleep and are rarely seen during the day.  Bites look very similar to mosquito bites and often occur around the neck and shoulder areas.

Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs live in mattresses, bed frames, carpet, dressers, and are difficult to find.  Our bed bug inspection professionals will inspect the area to decide whether or not you have a bed bug infestation.  While bed bugs can be very difficult to find, we locate where the bed bugs are hiding, and formulate a customized treatment plan.

Bed Bug Removal and Control

In order to completely remove bed bugs, their eggs must be found and destroyed. Our multiple treatment bed bug control eliminates existing adults and eggs, thereby removing the live infestation and its ability to return with correctly timed follow up treatments.  Some Utah pest control companies can sometimes have limited experience with bed bug issues due to their quick proliferation over the past decade.  It is important to hire a knowledgeable and reputable company when dealing with bed bugs.  That’s where we come in.  We have the experience and knowledge to help you take control over this serious issue.  Complete bed bug eradication is possible with the correct inspection and treatment methods. Call Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care, the top Utah bed bug exterminator, if you believe you need bed bug removal service.

What Can You Do?

We recommend always being careful when traveling by inspecting hotel rooms and being cautious with luggage and other items you travel with.  See our informational pamphlet on how to identify and protect yourself from bed bug infestations.  If you suspect that you do have an infestation we highly recommend calling a professional bed bug expert like Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care.  Do it yourself products or remedies rarely work and can be dangerous.

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